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Other artist's that I think you might enjoy

Visit the site of published Illustrator Diana Garrison, Illustration: Within her Crooked Little Studio, Diana utilizes lyrical linework to present a variety of subjects such as birds, insects, and fish: in short, nature. Contact her for any freelance illustration needs.
Diana is also found on Etsy - Crooked Little Studio offering reproductions, note cards, etc. for sale.
Purchase Diana's designs on phone/pad cases, calendars, prints, & cards at Walkingdots, as well as personal checks, and checkbooks offered by Checkadvantage.
Visit Diana on Facebook.

Visit  Treehouse Studios: Bill & Gloria Garrison: Bill is a well-established & awarded landscape specialist in oils, focusing on representational paintings of his native Arkansas Ozarks: Gloria, also well awarded, works in watercolor and oils presenting a variety of subjects such as landscapes and florals. Bill also offers workshops in and around Arkansas.

Visit the website of Joshua Chambers: Joshua's work combines representation and minimalism to present images that can be simultaneously thought provoking,  esoteric, and absurd. 

Visit the website of Taffie Garsee: I met Taffie after returning to Louisiana (Shreveport) from N. Carolina, around 2009. She produces nature derived images that speak to broader subjects through metaphor and symbolism. 

Visit the website of Barbara Jaenicke Fine Art: Barbara is a fellow member of Oil Painters of America, and is a prolific landscape painter of the highest level, being equally versed in oils and pastels. Her skill set keeps her workshops in high demand.

Visit the website of Colored Pencil specialist Tanja Gant, CPSA: Tanja is a fellow member of the International Guild of Realism, and has won many national awards with her unique interpretation of figurative and portrait drawings.

Visit the website of Barbara Schilling Fine Art: Barbara is a fellow member of Oil Painters of America, and produces traditional florals and landscapes in oils emphasizing lush brushstrokes, knife work, and strong color harmony.