Welcome to the website of fine artist Daniel Mark Cassity. Though I produce a variety of work, I am a still life specialist, most known for my thought provoking paintings referred to collectively as The Kingdom. Within The Kingdom lies a bit of storytelling, varying degrees of metaphor and symbolism, and imagination. These concerns combine with a unique treatment of subject matter and paint manipulation. Please feel free to explore, as there is a great deal of career related information - biography, resume, technical specifics, event photos and scrapbook - posted under the "About" tab. Also listed are updates of events and developing projects pertaining to my career via the "Bulletin Board".

I greatly appreciate the enthusiastic response to my artwork expressed from viewers and collectors, as that was not always the case, and is never taken for granted. So please join me, as I strive to discover and deliver all that I have to offer the world of fine art.

As always, I pledge to exhaust my abilities, follow my instincts, and stay true to that which is my vision; should imperfections be perceived, feel free to point, snicker, or whisper conspicuously…

Thank you for your interest in my efforts,


"A Closer Examination of Time" 30x40, Oil on Linen/Panel (larger image in folio)

Newly Acquired for the Permanent Collection of the R.W. Norton Museum

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