A Taste of the Good Stuff, 16x20, Oil on Panel

Welcome to the website of fine artist Daniel Mark Cassity. I am a still life specialist producing a series of oil paintings referred to as The Kingdom. In short, The Kingdom is my imaginary world wherein I explore a variety of ideas generally based on primal notions: fear of the unknown, passion, mystery, or wonder, for instance. Toward this pursuit I often utilize common objects - relying heavily on metaphor and symbolism - though sometimes constructing subject matter otherwise unavailable: all to suggest fragments of story. In addition I also write a brief passage of fiction for each painting, a process which helps consolidate and add density to my visual ideas (note that the writing is there only to support the visual: the inverse of how illustrations complement literature). This process ultimately intersects as a unique treatment of ideas, subject matter, and distinctive paint manipulation - resulting, I hope, in something special. Specific to The Kingdom is my use of origami dragons as recurring characters, dolls, and luminous shadows. Also of note, I paint from life, with no use of preliminary drawing or photography. I paint. There is more detailed info within other tabs.

It is my intention for viewers of my work to have an engaging, satisfying experience. Please feel free to explore.

All work ©Daniel Mark CassityPermissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mailto:danielmcassity@gmail.com.