I'll do ANYTHING for Your Attention!, 20x16, Oil on Panel 

Welcome to the website of fine artist Daniel Mark Cassity. I am a still life specialist producing a series of oil paintings referred to as The Kingdom. In short, The Kingdom is my imaginary world wherein I explore a variety of ideas generally based on primal notions: fear of the unknown, passion, mystery, or misery, for instance. Toward this pursuit I often utilize common objects as subjects - relying heavily on metaphor and symbolism - though I also fully construct subject matter otherwise unavailable: all to suggest fragments of story. In addition I also write a brief passage of fiction for each painting, a process which helps consolidate and add density to my visual ideas (note that the writing is there only to support the visual: the inverse of how illustrations complement literature). These processes ultimately intersects as a unique treatment of ideas, subject matter, and distinctive paint manipulation - resulting, I hope, in something special. Specific to The Kingdom is my use of origami dragons as recurring characters, dolls, and "luminous" shadows. Also of note, I paint from life, with no use of preliminary drawing, tracing, or photography. I paint. There is more detailed info within other tabs.

It is my intention for viewers of my work to have an engaging, satisfying experience. Please feel free to explore.

Cassity interview by Arkansas Art Scene Blog 2022

All work ©Daniel Mark CassityPermissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mailto:danielmcassity@gmail.com.