Yours, Mine & Ours - an exhibition of Daniel Mark Cassity & Diana Garrison: Magale Gallery Centenary College Library

Post date: Aug 25, 2012 8:07:24 PM

The thread weaving throughout this exhibition is a love of line work, for each painting and illustration began as a simplified contour drawing.

Diana’s imagery - often inspired by nature - is redefined in her own way, and delivered to the viewer by means of colorful watercolor washes and black ink. Showing a propensity to zoom in on the small, dragonflies, bugs, and birds are among her favorite subjects.

Daniel’s Lowland paintings are stylized representations of nature, most specifically herons and egrets, and the primeval landscape that they inhabit. Not intended to be nature studies, these works rather seek to evoke the feeling he derives from memories of such encounters.

Together Daniel and Diana combine forces to produce illustrations for a humorous young reader’s book titled Christmas at the Castle. Written by Daniel, he also did the foundation cartooning and base color, at which point the images were handed over to Diana to embellish with texture, color washes, and lyrical line work. The end result is a seamless collaboration appearing to be of one hand and mind.

We extend a big thanks to Kristi Kohl - and hope to see you at the Magale Library Gallery of Centenary College, Shreveport, LA: Sunday September 9th at 4:30pm